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Hopefully, no one was planning on hitting up the iOS store this weekend to download an app for their vaporizer. Apple has announced that it has removed all vaping-related applications from the platform, though you’ll still be able to use yours or download it again if it’s already on your phone.

The move is in reaction to a vaping-related health crisis that has seen thousands of cases of severe lung injury that appear to be tied to vaporizers. Across the U.S. and Canada, state and local governments have taken steps to curtail access to certain kinds of vaping products, which were already under fire due to soaring rates of teen vaping.

Apple has never allowed apps that facilitate the sale of vaporizer cartridges on its platform, but until this summer, it did host applications that controlled users’ vape product features like their temperature, as well as others that included vape-related content. The company ceased allowing new apps in these categories, however, in June.

The current ban affected 181 apps, which were removed from the iOS Store on Friday morning. 

Tech Giant Joins Chorus of Anti-Vaping Advocates

“Experts ranging from the CDC to the American Heart Association have attributed a variety

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Aurora Cannabis Inc. shares sank to a two-year low Friday after its revenues missed expectations and the pot producer announced it was halting construction at one production facility and pausing work at another to save more than $190 million in planned expenses.

The Edmonton-based company’s shares fell to a low of $3.59 and were down 51 cents or 11.6 per cent at $3.87 in afternoon trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Aurora announced after markets closed on Thursday that it will immediately cease construction of its Aurora Nordic 2 facility in Denmark to save about $80 million over the next year, as well as indefinitely defer completion of construction and commissioning at its Aurora Sun facility in Alberta to conserve $110 million.

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A Cheshire businessman has admitted to buying cannabis and turning it into what he claims was a painkilling oil to help his terminally ill brother, in an attempt to highlight “the stupidity and cruelty” of drug prohibition.

Ben Findlay has told the Guardian he spent up to £5,000 obtaining the drug from criminals earlier this year. He then turned his garage into a makeshift laboratory to convert the cannabis into a medicinal mix that his brother Eric, who had cancer, ingested in the weeks before his death.

Findlay, a 36-year-old entrepreneur, said he was willing to face prosecution over buying and “cooking” the cannabis as an alternative to morphine.

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A cannabis extraction plant is slated to open in central Edmonton as edible products continue to work their way into the legal marketplace.

Edmonton-based Token Naturals recently announced it has secured a long-term lease on an 8,300-square-foot facility in a 60,000-square-foot industrial lot, with the hopes of constructing an operation with the ability to process up to 65,000 kilograms of dried flower into cannabis extract each year.

Keenan Pascal, CEO of Token Naturals, said securing the lease is a milestone for the company that focuses on working with local producers to create different extract products. The lease of the space off Yellowhead Trail will also help the company move forward with its Health Canada application to sell and process cannabis.

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While traveling with cannabis is still technically illegal—even when you’re going to or coming from a legal state, products like smell-proof containers and luxe leather cases are essential for travelers willing to risk transporting their stash with subtlety. TSA even stated earlier this year, “We’re cool and we’re not looking for your weed.” So for the jet-setting cannabis enthusiast in your life, here are the eight best gifts to make heading home for the holidays a little less stressful this season.

Another Room New Kit
Designed and hand-sewn in Vancouver, British Columbia, Another Room’s New Kit is all you need to smoke weed wherever you land. The clear carrying case comes complete with a signature Doob Tube, Joint Locker, and smell-proof pouch for flower with tons of extra room for more supplies. Surfaceless? The door of the bag doubles as a makeshift rolling tray. $88, anotherroom.io

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In a major ruling Thursday, The Oregon Court of Appeals has sided with Dyme Distribution, a cannabis company that’s suing the state over its ban on cannabis vaping products. On Thursday, the court ordered a partial stay of the ban, placing a temporary block on Gov. Kate Brown’s move to lockdown flavored vape cartridges. After moving swiftly to implement wide-ranging bans on vaping products in an effort to reduce vape-linked illnesses and deaths, state governments have begun facing a bevy of legal challenges from industry associations and patient and consumer advocacy groups.

As a result, courts have had to weigh the negative economic impact vape bans have on businesses and consumers against the risks some vaping products present to public health. The appeals court had already granted a stay of Gov. Brown’s ban on flavored vapes containing nicotine. The court’s decision to grant a stay on the flavored cannabis vape ban comes nearly one month after the tobacco industry halted the ban on nicotine products on October 17.

Appeals Court Recognizes No Link Between Vape Flavors and Lung Injuries

Cannabis shops across Oregon are once again stocking their shelves with flavored cannabis vape cartridges and selling vaping products to consumers.

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Feral hogs sniffed out a stash of cocaine that had been buried in an Italian forest by drug dealers earlier this year, according to police who had wiretapped the gang in connection with a murder investigation. The coke, nearly $20,000 worth, was at least partly consumed by wild boar as they dug up the drug and spread across the floor of a Tuscan forest.

Italian police learned of the cocaine-swiping swine during the investigation of the May murder of a 21-year-old Albanian who is suspected of being a drug dealer. After setting up a wiretap to monitor the phones of the gang, made up of one Italian and three Albanians, in connection with the murder, police heard them complaining about the incident.

The gang had allegedly been selling about two kilos of cocaine per month in the cities of Siena and Arezzo in Tuscany from September 2018 until March 2019. They were selling high-quality coke for about $95 per gram in bars and night clubs in the two cities, attempting to conceal their actions by using words as ‘aperitivo,’ ‘prosecco,’ ‘vino,’ and ‘caffè,’ as part of a code that was quickly cracked by police.

The drug dealers had been storing

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TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Candy, cocoa and chocolate, as well as any other flavor of e-cigarette, are among the flavors New Jersey lawmakers sought to prohibit on Thursday, along with a separate ban on menthol-flavored traditional cigarettes.

New Jersey’s Democrat-led Assembly and Senate health committees advanced the legislation after several hours of testimony that drew crowds of supporters and opponents to the statehouse annex.

Supporters of the flavor ban say it hooks kids on nicotine. Opponents worry the ban would lead to a black market and could also hurt some businesses in the state.

Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy supports banning e-cigarette flavors since a commission he established to come up with the state’s response to nationwide vaping-related outbreak recommended the prohibition last month.

His office declined to comment on the menthol cigarette ban.

That measure sparked some heated rhetoric from one lawmaker in particular.

Democratic state Sen. Ronald Rice, of Newark, chairs the Legislative Black Caucus and opposed the legislation. Rice pointed to the timing of the prohibitions coming as the state is also considering legalizing recreational marijuana, which he also opposes and says would likely harm the black community because he says businesses would likely be controlled by large,

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New data from a California laboratory show that THC vape cartridges may carry a substantial risk of exposing users to harmful chemicals. And while the test results from analytic laboratory CannaSafe show that illicit market products pose the most danger, even carts from licensed companies may be unsafe if used improperly.

CannaSafe, a state-licensed cannabis laboratory in Los Angeles, conducted a study of THC vape cartridges that it obtained from both licensed dispensaries and unlicensed delivery services. The company completed a laboratory analysis of the cartridges that tested the vapor produced by the cartridges for the presence of harmless compounds. Unlike other tests that analyze the contents of cartridges, the new tests reveal the toxins present in vapor after cannabis oil is heated and vaporized prior to inhalation. Similar tests are currently being conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in its continuing investigation of the series of lung injuries caused by vaping that has claimed the lives of at least 40 people.

Dangers of Unlicensed Carts

All six of the illicit cartridges tested contained high levels of potentially harmful chemicals, including one labeled Maui Wowie that had 1,500 times the allowable level of pesticides and five times

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An Illinois state senator is the subject of an investigation by state officials who are probing her role in a cannabis company she operates. The investigation into Sen. Patricia Van Pelt by the office of Secretary of State Jesse White was reported by television station WGN on Wednesday afternoon. Van Pelt, a Democrat, represents a district in Chicago’s South Side.

The investigation, which is being conducted by the securities division of the Secretary of State’s office, has apparently been going on for at least four months. Van Pelt said that she may also be the subject of an investigation by the legislative inspector general. It is not yet known how long either investigation will take.

Van Pelt hosts seminars where she promotes the economic opportunities in the regulated cannabis market and offers advice on investing in the industry. She also operates a business that sells CBD products through online sales and direct marketing.

“My enterprise is networking and home-based parties. We do home-based parties,” Van Pelt said.

 “We’re not trying to just sell CBD oil,” she said in an audio recording. “That’s our entry point.

Making Marijuana Millionaires?

In online videos promoting her cannabis investment seminars, dubbed WaKanna University, Van

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